How to convert HTML to WordPress

Today we're announcing a new tool to convert HTML to WordPress, Upload a zip file that contains an index.html, then use Theme Matcher to turn it into a fully dynamic WordPress theme!

As web developers, designers, or tinkerers, we work on websites locally and dont necessarily have a live URL to use with Theme Matcher. Now you can upload your site without having to worry about hosting a live version first.

This makes it easy to build a site or modify a template, then quickly turn it into a WordPress theme. If the resulting theme needs some changes, just edit your HTML locally and upload a new version!

How it works

To get started, visit the HTML to WordPress landing page.

Upload a zip to convert to WordPress

You'll need a zip file on your computer that contains at a minimum, an index.html file. This is the page that is used for your WordPress template.

Most websites are going to have accompanying css files, some javascript, and possibly fonts. As long as these are included in the zip and linked from index.html with relative links, it should show in the generator exactly the same as it does on your computer.

You can either click the upload button and select your zip file, or just drag and drop it anywhere on the page to upload.

Once Theme Matcher uploads, unzips, and processes your site, you will be taken to the generator step where you can select areas where you want WordPress posts to show.

Let me know how it worked for you! I love to hear feedback about how people are using the tool.